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Task 5

A Woman Who Saved Hundreds of Animals

“I remember working non-stop and I didn’t even have $100 in my account. I lived on veggie noodles,” said Caitlin Cimini, who houses about 40 animals of different species. “I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t stop. I just spent all the money on the rescue farm and surprisingly our team have become self-sufficient as a rescue thanks to all of the good people that support us. It’s phenomenal.”

Cimini, who spent childhood summers taking horseback riding lessons, and later worked for animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitation projects, has always loved animals. But aside from house pets like cats, dogs, pigs and a horse she owned, she had no real experience with them.

“You know you live in the country when your neighbours give you three chickens for a housewarming present,” says Caitlin, laughing. “Those hens were the loves of my life.” Then one day, they went missing, and she felt so upset and helpless. A week later, one of the hens returned. “I was so happy I literally fell on the ground. That’s when I clearly understood what I should do. I started taking in more and more unwanted animals.” Caitlin fostered puppies and kittens from animal shelters, rescued piglets advertised as food, and connected with local rescue organizations to learn how she could help with their new arrivals.

One day in September 2010, Caitlin Cimini rescued a wild mustang. Without a plan in mind, Caitlin bought it from the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management for $125. It was a decision that changed her life forever. Any romance of such an adoption was challenged by the reality of training a wild horse. “She was a real test for me,” said Cimini. “I had my fingers and ribs injured. I will admit I regretted the adoption at first. I don’t think I fully understood how wild she was. I felt so defeated because she was so difficult.”

But Cimini kept working with the horse she named Halona, which means “beautiful choice.” Halona is now the most affectionate animal on the farm that houses chickens, sheep, and other species. And that’s quite a transformation when you consider the horse was emotionally hurt when Cimini rescued her.

Halona is fine now, but the hard work continues for Caitlin and her husband who rescue other animals. The Ciminis invest every penny they receive into their farm. The couple’s Can-Do attitude led them to GoFundMe, where they raised money to expand their rescue ranch with a 16-acre addition.

“Caitlin is doing incredible, selfless work with animals in need, she’s been chosen as latest GoFundMe Hero and received a grant,’ said Rob Solomon, GoFundMe director. “As a fellow animal lover, I’ve been inspired to see how Caitlin has used GoFundMe to further her mission of giving abandoned animals the second chance they deserve.”

Caitlin said she couldn’t stop crying when she found out about the GoFundMe recognition and saw donations to her project rise. “It means more than I can ever say,” said Caitlin Cimini, who said expenses include $4,000 each month just for feed. “I tell people that if you like what a non-profit does, give them $1. They have no idea how far $1 can go.”

What is TRUE about Caitlin Cimini?

Варіанти відповідей на тест:
  • She raised money by selling 16 acres of land.

  • She was given financial support by GoFundMe.

  • She was employed by GoFundMe to adopt animals.

  • She gained recognition for training wild horses.